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The thing is, despite their awkward, slippery introduction via Puck's manwomb and the trauma of being a step-squother, Lilly actually likes Raspberry now. The kid inks in sparkly purple. Lilly's always appreciated squeople with style.

However, she can also appreciate the fact that being on the run with a squid in a bucket doesn't exactly make it easy to blend. Also, the bucket is not roomy. Raspberry has to stay safe, but if she stays with Lilly and the twins, they're all a little less safe.

Naturally, Lilly has a solution to this.

"Sqummer camp," she says, leaning over the spacious hot tub in the luxury alien resort on a planet she couldn't pronounce. It was her first stop after leaving Puck and Havelock. No one here had even blinked at the squid, or the request to make the hot tub lukewarm.

Camp? Raspberry echoes, curling a tentacle inquisitively.

"Yes," Lilly says firmly. "With lots of other sentient squidlets, and games, and cabins, and probably not campfires unless this universe has wacky physics."

Lilly has never gotten in trouble for breaking a law of physics, so she never bothers investigating them in new universes.

Raspberry mulls this over, bobbing gently in the water. Mommy has good ideas, so if this is a Mommy idea it will be fun!

Are you coming? she communicates, clicking hopefully. Lilly bites her lip.

"I can't," she says. "You know Mommy and the kids can't breathe underwater like Daddy, we have to go get the gillyweed from Ingress' daddy. Besides, this is a special squid experience just for you! A whole big ocean, lots of nice tentacle friends, and all the shrimp you can eat. No people allowed."

She pauses. "In fact, if you see any people who aren't Mommy, Daddy, or Uncle Havelock you should ink at them and swim away very fast."

Okay, Raspberry responds. She's a little confused, but that happens with Mommy sometimes. Besides, a whole ocean! And she can play slap-eights with other squids! Aria and Adrian try sometimes, but they're not very coordinated and they don't have enough limbs.

The next day, after squishy goodbye hugs and detaching Adrian from one of her suckers, Raspberry makes her way tentatively into Coral Cabin. There are several other squid already there.

Hi, one of the squid girls clicks. Raspberry waves a tentacle shyly in greeting.

Come on in, but be quiet the squid girl continues. We're planning a raid on the boys in Barnacle Cabin, so we have to be sneaky!

Raspberry brightens, swimming into the circle. I can help she waves, trying to keep her tentacle movements muted. My uncle is *very* good at sneaky. The other squids beam at her.

Sqummer camp is going to be squawesome.
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