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Aug. 1st, 2007 02:00 pm
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Last night, Lilly got stabbed. It gets a little hazy after that, but she's fairly sure that she's going to live... as much as she generally does.

She's ensconced on the couch with pain pills and Jello in easy reach, flipping between a telenovela and cheesy cable movies. While she's no longer hopped up on adrenaline, pot brownies, and Everclear she's still fairly woozy.

Good times.
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Her conversation with Thom had been... well. Interesting in the Chinese curse way.

Lilly's out back now, sitting by the lake and thinking. There are certain topics she's been determinedly avoiding for some time now, but it's hard to ignore them after all that.
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Babies are damn tiring. Lilly's really glad Puck has them tonight. For one thing, no softly melodic and yet really irritating cries waking her up.

For another, it gives her a chance to have a talk that she's been putting off for too long. She takes a breath and heads out into the main part of the suite.

"Hey, Mel."
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"Seriously, I will be so glad when all the renovations are done," Lilly's saying as she pushes open the door to her suite for Meg.

"I mean, I thought magical Bar assistance would make the whole totally speedy, but instead it just gives me practically unlimited choices. No one should give me practically unlimited choices! I always just want the next thing I see. Thank god for Inara, you know?"
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Lilly's been busy with the extensive renovation and expansion of the brothel, as well as a few trips to her corner of the Dreaming. (It was the easiest way to escape Scotland in the winter.

Still, even dead blonde entrepreneurs need breaks from time to time, and the weather's warming up enough that she can actually handle being outside.

It's pretty, by the lake. Quiet too.

She misses Ed.
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Lilly spots a light on under the brothel office door, and beams.

Inara must be in. Inara does not know she is back.

Grinning, Lilly knocks on the door and does her best "loud and obnoxious" voice. It sounds a little like Jayne and a lot like a bad drag queen.

"Scuse me, is there here a house o' whores, or what? I could use some lovin!"
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It's totally awesome, being back. It really is. Seeing everyone again rocks.

It's just... well. There are walls, again. Ponyland didn't have alcohol and it didn't have sex but it did have space.

Lilly's got a vodka tonic and a back booth, because if she can't have space she can at least start catching up on the rest of Milliways' advantages.
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There are odd dreams and then there are Odd Dreams. Lilly is having one of the latter.

It's a beautiful sunlit valley where winged ponies are fluttering through the air above their apple-picking friends on the ground. It's idyllic and brightly colored and... oddly familiar.

Oh my god, Lilly thinks, grinning. They're My Little Ponies! She steps closer and the scene shifts suddenly. Now she's standing on an almost comically evil-looking castle built in shades of grey. Beside her, a man wearing black moves closer to a terrified pony. He's all but twirling a mustache. She figures he's evil too.

"Think of sad things!" he orders the peach colored pony.

"But I don't want to," the pony replies, whinnying nervously. "That would be sad!"

Duh, Lilly thinks, and then reminds herself to be nice. They're a kids' toy.

"Oh no, what if there
weren't enough apples for everyone!" The pony's head droops in response to the man in black's suggestion. "Then... some ponies might feel left out. Or hungry!" The grass by the pony's feet starts turning from green to grey before color starts leaching out of her hooves as well and the glitter starts to fade from her flank.

The scene cuts again, back to the valley now filled with worried ponies. "Prince G. Loom has Cherry Jubilee!" one pony neighs anxiously. "He's probably stealing her sparkle right now! We have to save her!"

"But how?" another pony whinnies. "We need help. We need someone to do something or all of our color and sparkle and shine will be gone from Dream Valley!"

"We do," yet another pony agrees. This one is mauve. "And I think I know where to find it."

Lilly's momentarily unnerved. The mauve pony's staring straight at her.

"Where, Hippity Hop?" The mauve pony, apparently named Hippity Hop, is still staring at Lilly.

"From her," it replies, prancing closer to Lilly. "If you help us, we can do it. Save Cherry Jubilee. Save the world."

Lilly wakes up abruptly, still blinking at the weirdness of it all.

Save Cherry Jubilee. Save the world. What kind of mission is that?

...Actually, it's a pretty intriguing one. The new brothel hires are settling in well, Inara's more than capable of handling any problems there, she hasn't been outside the bar in way too long, and, well. The My Little Ponies need her help. Glitter needs her help. Lilly hops out of bed, grinning.
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Lilly's hanging out in her suite, watching TV. There's a bowl of popcorn in front of her, and a tinyphant curled up at her side.

A bloodcurdling scream rips through the air. Neither girl nor elephant blinks.

"What do you expect?" Lilly mutters, staring apathetically at the shrieking blonde on screen. "You ran upstairs."

Stampy whuffles in agreement as her trunk snakes out for a piece of popcorn. It's her post-walk treat.
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It wasn't a dream. Lilly knows dreams, and knows the difference between a bad dream and something bad happening in the Dreaming. This was the latter. She woke up tense, worried, not exactly scared as much as certain that something was wrong.

She doesn't know what it is or why she suddenly feels so inexplicably sad, but she's pretty certain she won't be getting back to sleep tonight. Luckily, it's not so cold that going for a walk by the lake is out of the question.

Lilly pulls on a coat, slips through the bar, and makes her way out to the lakeshore.
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Mel's gone. Indy's left too, and even if he'll be coming back, well. Mike's around, but his room is full of hushed unfamiliar voices and worry over Raph. Lilly wanders out to the balcony, sighing, and then stops.

The Pearl is bobbing on the lake.

Lilly smiles, closes the door behind her, and slips over the edge of the balcony.

A moment later, she's crossing the floating pier before pausing briefly. The last time she was here, Jack had escorted her aboard. This time... ships are inconveniently doorbell-less. She settles for knocking on the hull.

"Anybody home?"
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Things change. Lilly doesn't go over to Suite 134 much anymore. Thursdays are spent clothed more often than not, and it's been weeks since she had waffles. It's not because she suddenly hates Indy or is tired of being with him, though.

It's because people occasionally tease Indy about new gray hairs and wrinkles and her hair will be long and blonde and her skin will be smooth and perfect forever. It's because she's seen his apartment and been to his New York but she'll only ever be a visitor there.

Indy moves back and forth between his bar life and his New York life as easily as he shifts from being a teacher to being an explorer, and Lilly drifts from bar to brothel to brief glimpses of other people's worlds and tries not to stare at the door she can't open.

Lilly's spent months ignoring the way Indy looks at her when he thinks she isn't paying attention and the way his voice softens when he calls her Princess. She finds it bitterly ironic that not being able to open her door has forced her to open her eyes.

It's warm in 134 when she walks in, the temperature turned up to help Raph recover. Indy's sitting on the sofa.

"Heya princess," he says distractedly. "Raph's doing a little better, if you were wondering." Lilly nods, perching on the far edge of the sofa.

"Splinter, Leo and Don are still here," Indy continues. "Ya think Mike'll be all right if I'm gone for just a couple of days? I heard from Marcus when I was back in my world, there's a chance to recover the idol. Again."

"Of course," Lilly replies automatically. "It's your life, you have to do what you have to do."

Indy glances over at her with his familiar lopsided grin.

"Wanna come with me, Lil? You know we make a great team."

Lilly takes a deep breath and forces herself to meet his eyes.

"We did once, Indy." She can tell by the way his smile disappears that he knows where she's heading, and oh it hurts to watch but she makes herself keep going. "I don't- I don't think we really do anymore."

There's a long moment of unnatural silence before Indy nods, his face unreadable.

"If that's what you think."

"It is," Lilly manages. She wants desperately to apologize, to explain, to tell him it's going to be better for them both this way, that this was a bad idea from the start and it's her fault it went on so long, that she doesn't hate him and she never could. She just doesn't love him and she has no future in which to make that change. All she has is here and now.

And here and now, she doesn't say a word.

"I guess I should pack," Indy says eventually.

Lilly bites her lip. "Okay. I guess, um. I'll see you around."

Indy nods again, not really looking at her, and she releases her white-knuckled grip on the arm of the sofa, walks out the door and returns to her empty suite.

Things change. People leave. If you can't do either, at least you can let go.
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Lilly's not big on anniversaries, but some of them are inescapable. Especially now, when the bad ones seem to be piling up on her. The anniversary of her own death was a week ago and carefully not mentioned to friends or lovers or anyone at all. She'd even gone so far as to avoid the bar and any chance of seeing Veronica or Logan.

Just after that was the anniversary of the bus crash, a year since she saved Veronica but failed to keep any of her classmates from plunging over the edge to their deaths, including her niece's mother.

Tonight is the anniversary of walking into the greenhouse and finding Meg in a lifeless heap with blood on her forehead.

It doesn't get better. Next it'll be a year since she stepped through a portal, found Wash dead on the bridge of Serenity, and traded away her path to heaven to bring him back. And after that, well. Alain.

Lilly's not drinking. She could be, but she's not. Instead she's in her suite thinking and that's worse, in a way. Because there's a door and she could leave and be done but she'd have to kill her friend to do it and even though she wonders sometimes if she and Wash will ever really be friends again now that he knows, she can't do that.

The girl she thinks of as the old Lilly could have. The one she was before she died and spent a year and a half haunting her own life would have found a way to justify walking through that door and not looking back. There are times when Lilly thinks somewhat guiltily that she misses being that girl, the one who just didn't care so much.

There are times when she thinks she still is that girl and now, in the midst of all these anniversaries, is one of them. It bothers her less than she thought it would.

She's smiling as she gets up to head down to the bar for the evening. And if the smile looks a little twisted, well. Lilly Kane never claimed to be on a straight and narrow path.
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Lilly hasn't been hanging out in the main bar much recently, not since Wash left and her door came back. Not that she's sulking, really. Just avoiding the whole situation till she feels more like dealing with it.

Besides, there's a Melrose Place marathon on some cable channel she's never heard of and Lilly's always admired Amanda Woodward's style.
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Lilly has a cell phone. She doesn't use it a lot, because, well. Who's she gonna call? (Somewhere, Ray Stantz's ears are burning and he has no idea why.) Practically no one else in the bar has a working phone.

Meg, however, has a phone that was given to her by Desire, and Lilly has her number and a need to talk to her BFF without leaving the couch and her ice cream.

"Hey, Meg."
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When Lucy and Caspian come back from being led off by Lilly, they look--
Disheveled is one word.
Well shagged is another. 

Both are true, as well as sheepish, as Lucy rubs her one wrist a bit and shifts a shopping bag over her shoulder.

Lilly's just grinning as she leads them into a lounge, where both parties are meeting up. 
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The brothel is beautifully decorated as usual, with the addition of many more chairs facing a stage that's been set up along one wall. There are sleek red velvet curtains hanging over it and a runway projecting from center stage.

Currently that runway is occupied. By what, you ask? A cardboard cutout of the man in whose honor everyone will be getting naked tonight:

Roland Deschain Memorial )

It's going to be a hell of a night.
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Some time so much later it's almost earlier, Lilly does something evil. Well, not terribly evil. Just... luring away the bridge and groom, handcuffing them together, shoving them in the door of the sex shop covering half of Castle's ground floor and informing them that they're not getting unlocked until they buy stuff.

This is really only semi-evil, at best.
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Some (pretzeled) time later, Lilly leads the guys into their palatial suite at the other side of the Castle. Racks of modern clothing, check.

Alcohol? Check.
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Lilly leads the girls of the party into their palatial suite at the Castle. A selection of modern, Vegas-appropriate clothing in all sizes and colors is hanging on racks scattered throughout the room.

There's also a tray of champagne flutes.
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