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Birthdate:Oct 3
Website:Veronica Mars official site

prior to her initial entrance in the bar in 2005 (!?!!): Lilly backstory

Currently: Lilly is dead, but thanks to various bar shenanigans she's picked up the ability to travel places and stay solid via a combination of an inherited jade pendant, the Dreaming, a scepter of time and space that she plucked from the Lost and Found, and occasionally following people through their doors whether or not she's been invited. However, she can't return to her own universe without becoming a bloody ghost. Generally she is friendly and approachable but not 100% trustworthy, especially if there is tequila involved or she's feeling bored.

Physical description: The user icons are pics of Amanda Seyfried, the actress who plays Lilly so they’re pretty spot on. Long blonde hair, green eyes, about 5'2" or 5'3". Thanks again to various bar shenanigans, she appears to be around 19-20, instead of 17, her age at death. She's usually dressed fairly casually in bar for a California teenager - shorts/jeans, tank tops/t-shirts, etc.

Contact: catch me on AIM at 'da emmy gee' when I'm there or just send a DW message, which might be faster.

Have some canon quotes!
Veronica: Why would he have wanted to kill you?
Lilly: Honestly! I was awesome, right?
Lilly: I can't help it if God made me fabulous!
Lilly: Check you out, Veronica Mars. You're like a rocker chick now. You and I, we'd have a lot of fun together. Yeah, if, um, if I wasn't dead and stuff.

Old journal: Lilly on LJ

Disclaimer: This character is from the television show Veronica Mars, I do not own her or anything else from Veronica Mars. This journal was created for role-playing purposes only, I am making no money so please don't sue.

Interests (21):

adventures, bff, boys, delicate flowers, dreaming, glitter, hot tubs, mercenaries, milliways, narnia, neptune, ninjas, rogue spaceship captains, say true, sir jell, sir o, slayers, tequila, veronica mars, waffles, what up sai
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