Dec. 12th, 2005

awesome_lilly: (wary)
Sallah's gone, his truck sputtering off into the night, Indy's putting together the backpacks they'll be wearing in the shrine, and Lilly's curled up in the passenger seat of the German car, feeling a little sick and staring at nothing in particular.

She killed people.

Okay, they were trying to kill her. Okay, they were also Nazis. But still... they were people. It bothers her.

Indy's done this before. So's Alain. She's seen them both in action, even. It didn't upset her so much then. It's a lot easier to rationalize the deaths of people who are admittedly trying to kill you when it's not your hand on the trigger.

She wonders if they knew what they were doing, if they believed in all the Nazi propaganda or if this was just a job and they were the ones who got stuck on patrol instead of at the New Year's party. She wonders if their friends are burying them now, if any of the other soldiers are crying or if that's just not done but maybe they want to.

She wonders if they got to hear the wings.

That thought makes her feel more than just a little sick. She pushes the car door open, letting the cool desert air blow over her face. Time to stop thinking about this, at least for now. She did what she had to do, otherwise she and Indy would be... well, dead and deader, respectively. Hell, Indy got shot once already saving her life... type-thing.

Her eyes narrow a little at that. How stupid do you have to be to risk your life to save a dead person anyway?

The anger may be illogical and misplaced, but focusing on it keeps her from feeling quite so sick. Besides, it's not like Lilly's ever shunned the illogical. She slides out of the car and goes to find Indy.

They need to talk.

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