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It's been a while.

Lilly hasn't consciously avoided the woods. It's just that, well, for a while there was nothing back here, and then with the sceptre she found other ways to get between worlds.

But now, after talking to Coop, she's been reminded that there's a world here, and it has a Lord, and she hasn't spoken to him in some time.

Lilly passes the Caribbean inlet with a single longing look and heads straight into the woods, walking until that spot where everything blurs, for a second, and she's not in the woods anymore.


Jun. 19th, 2012 10:22 pm
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Lilly dropped into bar somewhat unexpectedly a few months ago, and then just as unexpectedly dropped out again. (There was a minor, eminently solvable issue with the twins' schooling. The thing with Raspberry took longer.)

She's back now, skipping main bar for some quality time in the Caribbean inlet. Quality time equals beach towel, cooler full of margarita... pitchers, and trashy novels from the next universe over. (Twilight in the Attic. Reading it aloud has been banned as torture under the Genua Convention. Lilly loves it.)

It's a good day.
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The thing is, despite their awkward, slippery introduction via Puck's manwomb and the trauma of being a step-squother, Lilly actually likes Raspberry now. The kid inks in sparkly purple. Lilly's always appreciated squeople with style.

However, she can also appreciate the fact that being on the run with a squid in a bucket doesn't exactly make it easy to blend. Also, the bucket is not roomy. Raspberry has to stay safe, but if she stays with Lilly and the twins, they're all a little less safe.

Naturally, Lilly has a solution to this.

"Sqummer camp," she says, leaning over the spacious hot tub in the luxury alien resort on a planet she couldn't pronounce. It was her first stop after leaving Puck and Havelock. No one here had even blinked at the squid, or the request to make the hot tub lukewarm.

Camp? Raspberry echoes, curling a tentacle inquisitively.

"Yes," Lilly says firmly. "With lots of other sentient squidlets, and games, and cabins, and probably not campfires unless this universe has wacky physics."

Lilly has never gotten in trouble for breaking a law of physics, so she never bothers investigating them in new universes.

Raspberry mulls this over, bobbing gently in the water. Mommy has good ideas, so if this is a Mommy idea it will be fun!

Are you coming? she communicates, clicking hopefully. Lilly bites her lip.

"I can't," she says. "You know Mommy and the kids can't breathe underwater like Daddy, we have to go get the gillyweed from Ingress' daddy. Besides, this is a special squid experience just for you! A whole big ocean, lots of nice tentacle friends, and all the shrimp you can eat. No people allowed."

She pauses. "In fact, if you see any people who aren't Mommy, Daddy, or Uncle Havelock you should ink at them and swim away very fast."

Okay, Raspberry responds. She's a little confused, but that happens with Mommy sometimes. Besides, a whole ocean! And she can play slap-eights with other squids! Aria and Adrian try sometimes, but they're not very coordinated and they don't have enough limbs.

The next day, after squishy goodbye hugs and detaching Adrian from one of her suckers, Raspberry makes her way tentatively into Coral Cabin. There are several other squid already there.

Hi, one of the squid girls clicks. Raspberry waves a tentacle shyly in greeting.

Come on in, but be quiet the squid girl continues. We're planning a raid on the boys in Barnacle Cabin, so we have to be sneaky!

Raspberry brightens, swimming into the circle. I can help she waves, trying to keep her tentacle movements muted. My uncle is *very* good at sneaky. The other squids beam at her.

Sqummer camp is going to be squawesome.


Sep. 4th, 2009 10:19 am
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The party had been a wild success in the way most Milliways parties were: lots of food, lots of friends, lots of booze, and oh yeah. Lots of doom.

Lilly'd stuck a little closer to the kids after Puck filled her in on Blodwen's most recent attempt to win friends and influence people. She'd missed Satan, but it would have been impossible (at least for her) to miss Havelock and Puck's change in mood afterwards.

The kids are all fast asleep, Aria and Adrian zonked out in their beds post-sugar crash, and Raspberry burbling happily in the carefully temperature-adjusted hot tub as a special birthday treat.

"So," Lilly says, emerging from the kids' bedrooms, "what else happened at the party?"
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Lilly's kicking back in her suite, sipping a margarita and watching telenovelas. Just another relaxing night at home.

Or so she thinks.
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Lilly came in from her latest travels, stopped, looked around, and started laughing.

"Oh, Bar. Don't ever change. I mean, don't ever stop changing. Whatever."

Still grinning, she grabs a seat and starts trying to make a martini glass out of tinkertoys.
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Spring in Scotland is not exactly the world's warmest weather. Lilly still has to wear a coat to run across the grass to the Caribbean inlet.

Once there, however, she can bask in sun and warm water to her heart's content.
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Lilly's in the nightclub, which is technically open but it's far too early for any patrons to wander in. She's got the place to herself and is taking full advantage of it.

There's a tall drink slowly shifting from blue to purple sitting on top of abandoned paperwork on a low table. Lilly herself is sprawled on the couch beside it, carefully painting her toenails a bright coral.

It's hard out here for a pimp/nightclub owner.
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It's been an... interesting few days for Lilly. She's hanging out at bar a little warily right now, and definitely not saying anything bad about her spouse(s).

There's some other things she's not thinking about, too.
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It's just barely getting warm enough for Lilly to be outside without running straight for the Caribbean inlet. Scotland in the spring is still chilly, but sometimes it's nice to be somewhere without any walls.

She's sitting on a rock by the lake, just looking out at the water.
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Dear Jayne,
I figured you might want to know that the nightmare epidemic is over now, so you can come back to the bar and get drunk and pass out in everybody's way again or whatever.


P.S. I am, if possible,
even prettier then when you saw me last.

P.P.S. Seriously. A
money skirt? You are so weird.
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As per backroom post, comment with your character's name (past, present, or uh, future?) and I will tell you:

1) how Lilly's opinion of the named character has changed over time, or
2) why Lilly does or does not get along/like/other with the named pup.

There is a high possibility of bonus rambling.

ETA: Also, feel free to reply with what your pup thinks of Lilly!
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Lilly hates this. Walking around in nightmares is like flipping through channels at 3 am, only instead instead of infomercials she's watching strangers endure their own personal hells. It's horrifying and it's exhausting and it just keeps going.


People are getting hurt, she'd said to Maya, and so she's here.

And then suddenly, here becomes somewhere else entirely.

It's a riverbank, and at the same time, it's Milliways. She can feel the bar behind her, can catch glimpses of the patrons in her peripheral vision, but there's grass under her feet and a river stretching before her.

Instead of an apocalypse there's a town across the river, fuzzy and indistinct except for one building (a mill?) that, well. It's on fire. That tends to stand out.

The flames abruptly disappear. The old mill flickers, shifts, and now Lilly's looking at a tall building, all glass and concrete sterility. She shouldn't be able to see inside, but she can.

There are people walking around, doctors and nurses... and ghosts. Some of them are very obviously victims of the fire, and Lilly feels sick.

All of them are talking, or crying, or at least their mouths are moving but- she can't hear them. The sounds don't make it over the river. The voices don't carry.

The voices aren't making it to the bar anymore.

It's dream-knowledge, sudden but certain. Something's shifted, a barrier's sprung up. Lilly's not sure what it is, exactly, but she can feel it and it means-

It means no more nightmares in the bar. It means no one else getting hurt.

It means she can go home.
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Lilly's given her staff a day off and is lounging on the couch under the pretense of doing work, but really hiding from her children. There is paperwork and a drink nearby, but... well. She's hardly in danger of overdoing it.
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Lilly'd meant to leave a note after her return to the bar last night, but a distracting conversation or two and her general exhaustion made it slip her mind. After sleeping in gloriously late, taking a long hat bath, and drinking two giant mugs of delicious coffee, she's ready to head over the Delicate Flowers office to check up on her business before going downstairs.

Only it appears the office is already occupied.

"Hello?" Lilly calls.
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Sleep is a little harder to come by when you're hundreds of years from your adopted home. Still, even after the disaster that was Dean's dream, Lilly is still trying to find ways to send a message.

All she needs to do is find someone who might have dreamed of Milliways.
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The Kendalls have been really nice, and okay, Scotland is pretty, but... there's no coffee and no cable and hell, no indoor plumbing. Lilly so does not want to stay here. She's going to keep looking for a door, obviously, but in the meantime she has a completely unreliable way of trying to get a message out.

Here goes nothing.

Lilly takes a breath, closes her eyes, and focuses on finding anyone whose dreams might have a hint of Milliways.
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Lilly's still not entirely certain about this whole shooting lessons things, as it's never really stuck before, but post-stabbing she's willing to grudgingly admit that more self-defense stuff might be good for her.

That in mind, she heads out back to look for her brilliant tutor. As long as he doesn't tell her to aim with her heart or whatever, this might even be fun.
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Lilly was raised in a luxurious house in the town of Nepune, California. Her favorites pasttimes were numerous, frequently illegal, and often included tormenting boys.

Then she died. Normally this would be the end of the story, but while Miracle Max was unavailable, another sort of miracle happened to her anyway. She ended up in Milliways Bar.

There were boys she could torment in Milliways Bar, too. One of them was named Inigo Montoya, but she never called him that. Just Inigo. Nothing gave Lilly as much pleasure as having a drink with Inigo. Well, not nothing, but it was still pretty fun!

"Inigo, buy me a drink. I want to see the bottom of this bottle by morning."

Inigo had already had a drink and incidentally been sprinkled with love-in-idleness.

He said "As you wish." (More or less.)

As you wish was far from all he ever said to her, though. He said she was entrancing, and lovely, and wonderful, and Lilly said he had excellent taste and bought the next round.

That night, Lilly was amazed to discover that when Inigo was saying "I love you," what he really meant was "I have been drugged by your husband." And even more amazing than that was the moment when she realized she wasn't going to take advantage of this to have sex with Inigo effin' Montoya.. Afterlife is pain. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

She did, however, make out with him for a while. (Sorry, this is a kissing oom.)

It was a very emotional night for Lilly. She had to get Inigo to swallow a Klatchian coffee bean, the kind they use to make the coffee that turns people knurd.

"Here," she said, handing Inigo a small brown lump. "Swallow this. The chocolate coating'll make it go do- okay then."

Inigo, needing no convincing to do his true love's bidding, swallowed the pill. A moment went by.

Inigo fell off of his stool. (To be fair, he'd also had rather a lot of alcohol.)

Lilly leaned over him.

"Let me explain- no. There's too much. Let me sum up. There's a plague of love potion going around the bar, you got hit with it, saw me, and fell in love. It was only temporary. You're good now."

"...inconceivable." Inigo managed. Lilly laughed.

"You can't use that word in Milliways. I don't think Bar thinks it means what we think it means." She patted him on the head. "You're a really good kisser, though. Maybe we should do this again sometime."

Falling suddenly in and just as suddenly back out of love can be confusing--especially when one adds alcohol into the mix. But Inigo was nothing if not resilient. And, while pleased to hear that Lilly found him a good kisser, he considered that he probably made a better Dread Pirate Roberts unattached.

(Lilly, on the other hand, just didn't want to break him and Fezzik up.)
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